7 Penyebab Angin Duduk

7 Penyebab Angin Duduk


Orang yang berusia lanjut lebih berisiko terkena angin duduk dibandingkan dengan orang yang masih muda karena pembuluh darah akan mengeras dan kehilangan kelenturannya seiring bertambahnya usia. Terutama bagi pria, peningkatan risiko ini dimulai pada umur 45 tahun, sedangkan pada wanita dimulai pada umur 55 tahun.

Angina Pectoris – Chest Pain

Angina pectoris, commonly known as angina pectoris, is transient pain or tension that starts in the chest and sometimes radiates to other parts of the body, including the arms, neck, jaw or back. , It occurs suddenly, often in response to physical exertion, emotional stress, or exposure to cold, and usually lasts for only a short time. The cause is reduced blood flow to the coronary arteries, which nourish the heart muscle. This reduction in blood flow causes a reduction in the oxygen that reaches part of the heart muscle, causing the pain.

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Although episodes of chest pain can be very scary, it should be noted that angina pectoris is only one of the many possible causes. Indigestion, anxiety, muscle problems, infections, or structural abnormalities are just some of the many causes of chest pain. This is why a series of tests may be needed before it can be determined that chest pain is actually angina pectoris. Also in this case, there are different types of angina pectoris and one differentiates the specific type, which may be a deciding factor for the prescription of the most effective treatment.

Classic angina pectoris

The most common form of angina is associated with coronary heart disease. As we get older, our blood vessels tend to “harden” or lose some of their elasticity, a process called arteriosclerosis. They can also be narrowed or clogged by fatty deposits. These are gradual processes that can take years or even decades without causing problems or symptoms. However, if the narrowing has progressed to the extent that 75% or more of the arteries are blocked, it can lead to angina or a feeling of shortness of breath. The classic angina is usually caused by efforts or other activities that force the heart to work harder. For example, the increased blood flow needed to digest a large meal. Cold weather, emotional disturbances or anxiety are other common factors that can cause angina.

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Variation angina pectoris

The angina variant is not necessarily associated with physical activity or other restrictions. It can be triggered when you are sleeping or sitting quietly or performing a generally well-tolerated exercise. This type of chest pain, sometimes referred to as Prinzmetal’s angina, has fascinated doctors for many years. However, recent studies indicate that it is often caused by cramping or constriction of the coronary arteries, which interrupt the flow of blood and cause pain similar to those of classic angina pectoris.

Unstable angina pectoris

Some patients have both angina induced by exercise and a variant of angina, with seizures occurring during periods of exercise and rest. Others experience an acceleration of symptoms, with seizures occurring more frequently after less and less effort. These syndromes are usually referred to as unstable angina, which usually requires more intensive treatment, as they are associated with a higher risk of heart attack than conventional and stable angina pectoris. It should be noted, however, that heart attacks are common in people who have never suffered from chest pain. Conversely, many people live with angina for years without suffering a heart attack.

Treatments for angina pectoris

In most cases, angina pectoris goes away with the rest. When an attack occurs, stop what you are doing and rest until it is over. Angina, which is caused by coronary spasm, may not respond as effectively as conventional angina pectoris. In addition to rest, there are three main approaches to treating angina: lifestyle changes, medications, and surgeries.

Lifestyle changes

If you smoke, you should do everything to stop yourself. Smoking stimulates the heart to work harder. It also causes other changes, many of which researchers believe are crucial in triggering chest pain and heart attacks. Overweight people are generally advised to gradually lose weight by eating less and exercising more. However, a person suffering from heart disease should not carry out weight loss or a training program without close medical supervision. Avoiding stress situations or learning relaxation techniques are other recommended lifestyle modifications.

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Medicines used to treat angina pectoris

The two main classes of drugs for the treatment of angina pectoris are nitrates and beta-blockers. Nitrates come in many forms: Nitroglycerin or other tablets can be pushed under the tongue to provide relief during an attack. The absorbent ointment can be taken orally to prevent an attack. Recently, another form – a disc to be applied to the skin to allow for regular release of the drug over a period of hours – is available.

Beta blockers help prevent angina attacks by slowing down the rate at which the heart beats, reducing the workload of the heart and reducing the amount of oxygen it needs. These medicines should be taken exactly as directed and should not be discontinued abruptly.

A new class of anti-anginal drugs known as calcium blockers appears to be particularly effective in combating angina associated with coronary spasm. All muscles need different amounts of calcium to contract. By reducing the amount of calcium that gets into the muscle cells in the walls of the coronary arteries, spasms that block the blood supply to the heart can be avoided.

Surgical treatment

In some patients, bypass surgery of the coronary arteries may be recommended. In this operation, a portion of a vein, usually from the leg, is removed and grafted onto the coronary artery to bypass the blocked area. Many factors are considered in deciding whether or not to perform surgery, including the extent of coronary heart disease, the degree of angina pectoris, the age, and the overall physical condition of the patient.

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sum up

Angina is a common manifestation of progressive constriction of the coronary arteries. It can also be caused by a temporary spasm of these vessels. Most angina patients can be effectively treated with a combination of lifestyle changes and medication. No treatment works in all patients; Each person must be assessed by their doctor, who can then prescribe the most effective treatment


Kolesterol Tinggi
Penyebab angin duduk yang pertama dipengaruhi oleh faktor tingginya kadar kolesterol di dalam tubuh yang menumpuk di dalam pembuluh darah. Bila kondisi ini terjadi, bisa membuat darah sulit mengalir ke dalam jantung.

Bila kamu mengidap penyakit diabetes pun berisiko membuat kamu mengalami angin duduk. Hal ini dikarenakan kadar tingginya gula darah  bisa merusak dinding arteri dan meningkatkan kadar kolesterol di dalam tubuh.

Penyebab angin duduk selanjutnya adalah mengidap hipertensi. Bila aliran darah mengalami hambatan, membuat jantung semakin kuat memompa dan meningkatkan tekanan agar darah terus mengalir. Bila kondisi ini terus terjadi, bisa membuat tekanan darah tinggi tersebut merusak dinding arteri atau menyebabkan pengerasan pada pembuluh tersebut.

Stres dan Merokok 
Bila kamu sedang mengalami stres, bisa membuat tubuh memproduksi sejumlah hormon yang mampu mempersempit pembuluh darah maupun meningkatkan tekanan darah. Sementara itu, bila terlalu sering merokok bisa merusak dinding arteri dan menyebabkan penimbunan kolesterol sehingga darah mengalami kesulitan membawa oksigen untuk diedarkan.

Riwayat Keturunan
Bila kamu maupun keluarga kamu pernah mengalami penyakit yang berhubungan dengan jantung, maka sangat diharapkan untuk waspada, karena riwayat tersebut berisiko terkena angin duduk.

Kurang Melakukan Olahraga
Orang yang tidak rutin atau kurang melakukan olahraga berisiko terkena angin duduk karena bisa mengalami diabetes, hipertensi, kolesterol tinggi, dan obesitas yang memicu terjadinya angin duduk.

Itulah 7 penyebab angin duduk yang perlu diketahui agar kamu bisa mewaspadai segala kemungkinan  bisa memicu terjadinya angin duduk. Sebagai tindakan pencegahan agar terhindar dari angin duduk, kamu perlu menjaga kesehatan dengan menerapkan pola hidup sehat.